Music Lab FAQ

Q: "What hours can I reserve a room?  Or pick up or drop off rental gear?"

A: Music Lab is open from 12pm to 3am daily, Sundays 11am to 12 midnight.  Music Lab also provides Austin with the only music retail shop open until 3am!  So if you need drum sticks, drum heads, guitar strings, or anything else music related we will be open for you till 3am!

Q: "Can I rent gear offsite?"

A: Yes, Absolutely!!  We rent music equipment and pa systems, plus we only require a security deposit, either valid check or credit card authorization. Please see our Rentals Department for more info!

"What are the Hourly Rooms Reservation Policy's for scheduling or cancelations?"

"Will my band get any time to load in and out?"

"Can I rent a drum kit other backline gear for my rehearsal?"

"What if i'm starving during a rehearsal session?"